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get there". He was in Belgium and Wuppertal, and at Bergen Belsen. It was not until next morning that we could see ships of the convoy preparing for sea. They met at a ywca dance in London and married at St George St Ethelbert Parish Church East Ham, London E6 on July 26th 1944. Harrison Add to this record. Uncle Billy survived, my father did not. sexiga toppar online gratis erotk WW2 started prior to their wedding, and he joined the ramc, and was shipped out in early December 1939. He had been there for three days and was starting to smell a little, so the SS had asked for him to be cut down, we later found out that he had been murdered (see below) If we had to go into the SS part. Below is a photograph which was also in the local paper three years earlier, after an old lady at Stourbridge Age Concern had painted a picture of my father from a black and white photo she had asked him for. They certainly were an eye catcher. Some of the lads were lucky enough to have iron beds, so armed with a blowlamp burnt all the little blighters hiding in all the nooks and crannies. He finally forgot all about. I believe that because he was a medical orderley he was sent to Stalag Luft III to work in the camp medical centre. During the lambing season he converted a large wooden crate into a shepherds hut, had it taken to the top of Stowe Hill and camped with just a primus stove for warmth.


My Dirty Hobby - stepsister caught online! He was born in India on 26th December 1902 and prior to joining the ramc worked on the railways. It looks like he died at St John's Island or at least was diagnosed there, he is buried at Abney Park cemetery in London in August 1947. All their medals tell a story which I aim to follow. Unfortunately my father, Albert, and William were separated following the death of their father Frederick. Frederick Stevens 12th General Hospital Royal Medical Army Corps My Granddad, Frederick Stevens now 92 years old can clearly remember his time as a Prisoner of War. We took him back. Gareth Morkel Add to this record. Hughes Pte Cornell Pte?

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Brian Boyle Add to this record. They would climb up the telephone poles at the side of the railway track level with the carriage windows. He was a lovely man. In the Camp he was in several shows which were put on and also he was in charge of the medical stores. We had arrived in a country of 650,000,000 very poor people. In the yard we crowded, and at the end nearest the building were three field cookers, with Belgian Red Cross workers, issuing soup, not much, but it was good to our hungry bellies. Sunday June 9th: We left this spot and hiked onward. The Germans shelled us one night and two Nursing Sisters were injured. Penny Carrier Add to this record. We did actually line up on the road, but the guards marched off without. Frederick Stevens was 22 years old when he was captured in October 1943 on the Island of Kos. That night Ernie hid under a bridge to sleep. Towards the end of May we had a lot of snow and bitterly cold weather. He will not talk about his time as a prisoner but have found out quite a bit from his mate George Hemblem from Norwich who he paled up with and keep in touch until Georges death about 5 years ago. That evening, the Luftwaffe commander came to the camp to apologise, and informed the POWs that the pilots involved in the incident had been relieved of their duties and would be dispensed into the army. Sometime later he was sent to Catterick, issued tropical kit sent on to Liverpool sailed via the Cape of Good Hope before being told they were bound for India. John McLellan Add to this record. It was a small cottage hospital and we both worked on different wards doing general duties tidying up, shaving different patients who could not shave themselves, preparing patients who were due for an operation, taking them to the theatre and wheeling them back to the. At one point he was sent to convalesce in Darjeeling following an operation to replace a fractured skull with a metal plate. My father, Peter, was transferred to Stalag 4B after he was recaptured by the Germans. He was born in Folkestone, Kent in 1914. Each stop would last between five and ten minutes. The names of the 13, are listed on the 2nd photo of the diary entry. Any information would be very greatful. I well remember the days when he and his wife Beryl were expecting their second child back in Leicester. They took up a defensive position from Fecamp to Lillebonne and so were not encircled like the rest of 51HD. Royal Army Medical Corps My father, Horace Roach served in the Royal Army Medical Corps in Karachi, India. V gar inte kontakta honom d remot! If you're craving rough. sexiga toppar online gratis erotk

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